Our Consultants Network

LM Saddles Approved Consultants

All our LM Consultants are independent aligned and trained under LM saddle. They manage their own client base and relationships. Please feel free to contact any of our consultants to discuss your needs.


Anni Stonebridge

As well as being an Approved LM Consultant, Anni is also qualified in the following:

  • UKNHCP Certified & Insured
  • Equine Sciences Academy – Field Instructor
  • Independent Horsemanship Instructor
  • Low Level Laser Therapist – THOR Laser

She has have a keen interest in all aspects of Equine welfare, behaviour, nutrition and wellbing and is currently studying the art of Classical Training

Anni would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. She is based in Aboyne (nr. Abeerdeen), Scotland.

Jane Cumberlidge

Areas covered- Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perthshire upto Crieff, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Mid Lothian, Renfrewshire, Aberdeenshire and Paisley.

Jane has always had a passion for horses and a particular interest in Equine Bio-mechanics and horse health.

This has led her to specialise as a barefoot hoof practitioner, LM Approved Consultant and Bit Fit consultant.

Jane would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. She is based in Fife, Scotland and will also travel to other areas by prior arrangement.

North England

Jemma Aigner

Areas covered- Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, North Wales, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire and Ireland.

As LM Saddles North West Representative and Director of LM Saddles, Jemma is very passionate about her work with both horses and humans. Jemma also travels to The Netherlands frequently.  Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the functional anatomy and physiology as well as the biomechanics of both horse and rider gives Jemma a well-rounded approach to her saddle fitting.

She believes in the importance of all areas of horse welfare in regards to the horses training and its ability to learn, and provides a holistic and sympathetic approach to her services seeing the “bigger picture” with both horse and riders balance and harmony being the forefront.

Qualified in Bowen Therapy, she also offers her services as a Human and Equine Bowen Therapist, and as a Holistic trainer for horses and rider based on her classical back ground.

Jemma is very happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.


Arran Parker

Over the last 15 years Arran, Mark and their team have been supporting Students of the Horse in the collaborative art of genuine horse development from around the world.

Arran and Mark are passionate about coaching students and their horses from early foundations through to the academic art of rebalancing the advanced horse.

As a genuine horse development company, they will work with you from the ground and on board to understand how your horse learns, through to developing his/her balance and body awareness as well as discerning which equipment supports your work best.

Our goal is to enable you to be the best you can be with your horse.

Dudmaston Stud has been developed over the years to support the horse first as we realise that happy horses make happy humans.

Arran is happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. He is based near Bridgenorth in Shropshire and offers Saddling Consultations at his yard Dudmaston Stud.

South England

Julie Knaggs

Areas covered- Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, west M25, M1 to Leicester. Regular runs to Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Swindon, New Forest, North Kent, Pachesham, South Dorset, South.

Julie’s knowledgeable and caring saddle fitting service can take into account any need for improved muscle development and movement in the horse; as well as assisting the individual riders’ position, for their own comfort and support in their chosen discipline.

This should enable improved performance, as well as reducing or eliminating a multitude of potential issues for both horse and rider.

She is a rider with her own horses so understands your need to provide the best possible service for your horses comfort. She can fit from happy hackers to Grand Prix riders and Intermediate Eventers, all receive the same careful service.

Julie would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Sara Udal

Sara is based in Hampshire and covers Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex.

Sara has an interest in equine behaviour and ethical training and has attended a number of courses and clinics with both Mark Rashid and Ben Hart.  She has also spent a number of years studying Equine Touch, a non-diagnostic, non-invasive holistic Equine Bodywork system.  She is passionate about Equine biomechanics, the influence the rider has on the way a horse moves and how we can train and ride without brace in order for our horse to be able to move softly in self-carriage.  She has 4 horses she keeps barefoot and does TTouch, Connected Groundwork and Connected Riding with them.  

Based on her knowledge and experience, Sara brings a sympathetic and holistic approach to saddle fitting for both the horse and the rider.

Kerry Tunnell

Kerry has always had a keen love of horses and a thirst for knowledge.  She has rehabilitated a number of horses and currently has two horses of her own, both of which are kept barefoot.

Kerry is particularly interested in Dressage and Natural Horsemanship.

Prior to completing her training as an LM Approved Saddle Consultant, Kerry was office manager for LM Saddles and spent a lot of time assisting Lavinia on appointments .

Kerry is LM Saddles Approved Consultant in Wiltshire, East Somerset, Gloucestershire, and the surrounding counties.

Lavinia Mitchell

Lavinia has been a Saddle Fitting Consultant since 1992, working with horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes, breeds and disciplines. The approach to fitting (including remedial saddling), together with the saddle designs that LM Saddle Consultants use, help horses acquire and keep good healthy muscle development. This in turn benefits their general comfort, well-being, and performance.

Over the years Lavinia personal interests with her horses have changed from competing at Endurance Riding, to Equine Behaviour and psychology, Classical Riding and training, along with what is generally known as ‘Natural Horsemanship; though she prefers to think of it just as good ‘Horsemanship’ skills. She has a keen interest in all aspects of riding, training and welfare of the horse, both physical, mental and emotional. This is shared by all LM Approved Consultants that Lavinia works closely with.

Lavinia would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Please note: Lavinia has recently retired from Consulting and is not taking on any new clients.  Lavinia is focusing her time on the delivery of training for new LM Saddles consultants around the UK and Europe.

  • 07973742226
  • laviniamitchellpayne@gmail.com