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LM Saddles was founded by Lavinia Mitchell following her many years working as a Holistic Saddle-Fitter. This involved a great deal of learning and continuously highlighted the ways saddles can make such a difference to the wellbeing of our horses.  Since then LM Saddles have evolved greatly into a network of holistic saddle consultants across the UK and into Europe.

LM Consultants assist horse owners in resolving the many varied saddle related problems they may be experiencing with their horses. It is clear to us that to best way to help owners help their horses is to take a holistic approach, going beyond the saddle fit.

We see saddling as a vitally important part an overall picture. At LM Saddles we happily work in conjunction with many Vets, Equine Therapists, Trainers and other Equine Professionals that are assisting with the horse.

We Share A Passion For Horses


We are happy to discuss and arrange Saddle Fitting Clinics for your riding club, RDA group, pony club, or college.

Approved Consultants

Each LM Consultant has undertaken comprehensive training in saddle-fitting and remedial saddle-fitting.  As we work in a holistic way this covers an understanding of Equine Biomechanics and anatomy in relation to saddle-fitting.  Muscle development and body posture. Equine behaviour and communication. Basic nutrition. Hoof health and care. Rider Biomechanics and common rider ‘patterns’.  Unless otherwise stated, Consultants are fully trained in saddle reflocking by David May at The Cumbria School of Saddlery or SMS.

Prior to approval, many practical hours are spent shadowing Lavinia, Jemma and other experienced LM Consultants, assisting at their appointments. Case studies are also undertaken and assessed. Training and development of horse and riders biomechanics and dissections are attended.  CPD days and courses are an requirement to remain an approved LM Consultants

Each consultant has a keen interest in the horses well-being and will take a holistic overview of the whole horse when assessing any saddle related issues.

We share the ideals and passion that LM Saddles are known for and between all our consultants have access to an extensive pool of knowledge. This includes Equine Behaviour. Classical training for horse and rider. Rehabilitation programmes. Natural horsemanship training for horse and rider. Barefoot Hoof Care. Equine Nutrition. Equine Bowen Therapy and Equine Science.  Equine Touch and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Human and Equine Reiki. Human and Equine Meditation.

All  consultants are happy to arrange a private or group consultations, and will work closely with you and your horse offering support and advice.

All LM consultants are self employed, aligned and trained under LMS. All LM consultants will be happy to assess and work with your current saddle where appropriate. They will also provide LM saddles or any LM stock/accessories within our range on an requested appointment. LMS do not support the selling of other makes and ranges of saddles or accessories outside of the LM range.

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