LM Accessories

All our LM pad and numnahs are designed in house and are produce by Griffin Nuumed who we have worked closely with for many years. All our pads and numnahs come with a full set of shims and all have sheep’s wool on the underside.

We also offer a range of adjustable prolite pad. these are popular to clients who wish to have multiple saddle pad for colour changing or other purposes, this giving the flexibility but still being able to shim the saddle for balance.

Along side our range of shimming systems, we also stock a range of girths and leathers which we have tried and tested over the years. We will only use accessories we feel benefit the horse, rider and our fitting.

Fun fact- did you know that sheeps wool can help with the even distribution of saddle weight on the horses back

Here are some of our pads, numnahs and accessories.