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Bringing the classical art of saddle fitting to the modern day

Our ethos is "for the good of the horse" and our products and practices follow this by working with the horse's natural biomechanics, improving comfort and movement while enhancing performance. 

LM Saddles has evolved over many years of extensive research gained from remedial saddle fitting and studying the effects that a saddle, good and bad has on a horse’s movement and performance.

We understand the biomechanics of both horses and rider, and how a healthy equine body should be when muscles are correctly developed. Our goal is to assist in helping you and your horse find comfort, harmony, and freedom of movement through fitting well designed ‘horse and rider friendly’ saddles in a sympathetic and holistic way.

Our ethos is “for the good of the horse” and therefore, you can only purchase a new LM saddle from a qualified LM approved fitter.

We believe passionately that every ridden horse is entitled to be comfortable and happy in its saddle, and that a well-designed and sympathetically fitted saddle should be available to every horse and rider.

Saddle Design

Though research, innovation and working with top riders we have designed the new LM Saddle range.

Aswell as offering the horse true comfort and flexibility, our new range offers the rider more support and feel through the seat, allowing for more subtle aids and finess.   

Why not bling your new saddle - we offer a full bespoke designing option on all new saddles. 

Meet our LM Approved Consultants

Each LM Consultant has undertaken comprehensive training in saddle-fitting and remedial saddle-fitting.  As we work in a holistic way this covers an understanding of Equine Biomechanics and anatomy in relation to saddle-fitting.

Each consultant has a keen interest in the horse’s well-being and will take a holistic overview of the whole horse when assessing any saddle related issues.

Remedial saddling explained.... 

Proof is in the profile!

"Biomechanics show that if a horse is working correctly over its back it will naturally lift and widen when moving. We need to mirror this when fitting saddles to allow for the expansion "

We accommodate the moving horse by selecting the saddle tree which mirrors the width of the horse’s wider lifted back, not the horse’s static or dropped back. The important point to understand when using this system is that it involves fitting the saddle in conjunction with a *integrated shim system, saddle pad, numnah or half-pad.

(Note: If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘shim’, it refers to shaped pieces of soft foam padding which are inserted into purpose made pads and numnahs that are designed with a row of shim pockets on each side) – View our Shim Systems.

This creates a soft but supportive interface between horse and its saddle. The shims can compress and allow room for the back to lift and widen. If the horse hollows or drops its back, the pad still cushions the back and shoulder area.

Foundation Pad

The LM Foundation Pad is a 3 pocketed shim pad that allows you to adjust the balance of the saddle while developing a healthy back and posture, creating freedom and comfort of movement. 

With an anti-slip outer for extra support, available in

Black, Brown and White 


LM saddle system was the only saddle that would fit my horse!

I have been a customer of LM Saddles for at least 8 years and I love my VSD saddle.

Lady was a tricky horse to find a saddle to fit all those years ago, but the LM saddle system was the only saddle I felt fitted both horse and rider! That saddle has now gone to to my new horse and I won't hesitate to buy another LM saddle when the time comes! Jemma is interested in the whole of the horse and her saddle fitting skills are impeccable! I won't go anywhere else for my saddle!

Emma Malone 

Listening to your horse is key and Jemma does just that.

"I’ve had my riding horse Star since he was 2 years old. As a 4 year old he was accepting the saddle and the day I thought he might be ready to ride he had a complete meltdown.

He’d been tolerating not accepting the saddle. With professional help from Jamie Evan’s Star became more accepting of saddles but still had an opinion about them-he just communicated it sooner, so I could adjust things. 3 saddles in I thought we had a good match but I wasn’t convinced it was the best option.

Jemma came to check my saddle one day and asked me to test her latest design. To my amazement Star gave no negative feedback at all, in fact he looked very comfortable in his ground work.

Once in the saddle I was also amazed, it made me sit correctly and then Star gave a power trot and then rocking horse canter like I’ve never had before! 6 months in and Star has not bucked, worried or asked for adjustment once. I can’t wait to get going properly this season and see what amazing things are possible now we finally have the perfect saddle for both of us!"

Sandra Hall

Jemma takes the time you need.

"Really pleased with my new LM dressage saddle. Jemma took the time to fit the saddle properly to my young horse. As shims were used the saddle fits perfectly now and can be changed as my horse develops.

Much more cost and time effective than than having to buy a new saddle each time your horse changes shape.

The saddle is very comfortable, very good quality, especially for the relatively reasonable price, and our instructor says it’s transformed the way my horse moves.

Highly recommend and will be looking to purchase a GP in the future."

Jane Stevenson

Sharing our passion.....

Over the years we have collaborated with many wonderful equestrian professionals from a variety of backgrounds; trainers, bodyworkers, supplements and tack suppliers,  all sharing a common goal to work for "the good of the horse".