Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Saddle Purchases

Important Fitting Advice

Before purchasing a LM saddle, we strongly recommend that you have a Home Consultation Visit with a LM Approved Consultant to ensure the correct selection of saddle model, size and any appropriate accessories for yourself and horse. The LM saddle system and principle of fitting, whilst being a different concept, is always advised not to be utilised without the need for continued specialist help. Therefore, in the same way that you would schedule routine checks from a saddler for a traditional saddle, we recommend that you have regular check-ups with your LM approved saddle consultant. There is always help and advice on hand.

Your Approved LM Consultant will be familiar with you and your horse and having conducted an assessment and fitting is in the best position to provide you with any ongoing support.

We recommend that when a horse is first introduced to an LM saddle, you take things slowly, particularly with a horse that has had a fundamental or dramatic change in the way of going. The horse may be using their muscles in a different way and will require conditioning with short repetitions, building up gradually, to avoid fatigue or strain.

When buying an LM saddle, you will normally be buying from an LM Consultant who is aligned to LM Saddles Ltd and will be advertised as an acting LM Consultant on our web site. If you buy from someone not advertised on our web site, they will not be up to date in their training, code of conduct and fitting procedures and may never have attended any official training. In these case LM Saddle has no responsibility or connection to this and the terms and conditions will not be met.

LM Saddles Ltd Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, if you do not agree with them, please do not request our services or ask to buy from us. Nothing in these terms affects your statutory rights.

1.    Buying a saddle or fitting service from a LM Approved consultant.

  • Your contract is with your consultant directly and you will pay them for their services and products supplied.
  • All consultants are self employed, run their own businesses and aligned with LMS as their stock provider. All consultants will be happy to assess and work with your current saddle where appropriate. They will also provide LM Saddles or any LM stock/accessories within our range on an requested appointment. LMS does not support the selling of other makes and ranges of saddles or accessories outside of the LM range, and if this happens and you feel this was unsatisfactory to the requirements of your appointment, please feel free to inform the head office.
  • Should you have any queries or worries you MUST, by law refer back to them.
  • If you are unhappy you MUST also refer back to them as by law your contract is with them directly and if you involve a third party to change the fit, etc. without involving the original retailer, you potentially negate the original consultant’s responsibilities.
  • We expect consultants to take and hold saddle fitting records and invoice you correctly – You will require an invoice if insuring products such as saddles.
  • You should be asked to confirm that you are happy with the fit and service on the day that you purchase.
  • Please note that consumer law relating to new saddle purchases differs according to if the saddle is custom specified and made to order or purchased from stock. The law relating to internet sales also differs from the law relating to face to face sales.
  • If a consultant is not responding to your requests for help, please let us know as it is our product’s reputation that is potentially damaged.
  • Most consultants book appointments several weeks in advance, so do not be surprised if this is the case. They should confirm the fees they will be charging you for the fitting service and travel in advance.  These are not shown on the LMSaddles.com web site as they all have their own charging levels. They are not employed by us. They are separate businesses.
  • When we accept saddle orders, delivery will vary according to the time of year due to a variety of factors and usually (not always) range between 10-12 weeks. Time is never of the essence when we accept an order. We cannot be held responsible for courier delays
  • The consultant and in some cases head office will require you to complete various forms with personal information about you and your horse. This information is required in order that we can saddle fit correctly and safely and to invoice you for the work done.   If you are not happy for us to do this under the data rights act and for us to continue to hold such information securely for 6 years, then we are unable to work with you.

2.    The implications of buying new bespoke saddles versus a “off the peg” saddles are outlined below.

  • If a saddle is ordered or made to a chosen personal specification, it is not “off the peg” or standard LM range and it is considered in consumer law as a “bespoke” product. Normally when buying a product, you have to the right to cancel a contract within 14 days of receiving the goods without giving a reason.  However, in the case of bespoke/custom items, i.e. a bespoke saddle – there is no right to cancel the contract for the product.  It is not returnable.  If the saddle is not fitted to your satisfaction on the day of fitting, your consultant will return and refit or organise with head office any adjustments required. Custom saddles are non-refundable unless they are found to be faulty or misdescribed. Custom means having a saddle made with options not offered as standard on the desired model. The customer can try a standard model before taking an order for a custom saddle via your consultant, making sure that they are familiar with the saddle that is being made just for them.
  • Should you have purchased a standard LM saddle that is “off the peg”, you have the right to cancel within 14 days of receiving the item and your monies will be returned less a sum commensurate with its diminished value due to use. However, if that saddle was purchased after using a consultant fitting service which comprises a consultation fee and a mileage allowance, the fitting fee is not refundable as it is a cost incurred for services rendered at the time of the visit to you. In this instance you must inform your consultant if wish to cancel by a clear written statement to be received prior to the deadline of 14 days and are responsible for the cost of returning it to the consultant. A saddle purchased after viewing but without fitting, cannot be returned for a refund.

3.    First 14 days, exchanges, and refunds

  • Saddles must be ridden with stirrups under the flap for the duration of the 14 days period unless prior agreement has been made and must not be used in the rain without a saddle cover, girths must have roller buckles and saddles must not be ridden with Wellington boots or rubber riding boots. A full refund will only be given, excluding postage and packing on any standard saddle being returned, subject to the saddle being returned in unused condition (taking into account a reasonable amount of use to sit in the saddle). The customer shall take all reasonable care to keep the saddle in good condition during the “14 days right to cancel period”.
  • Goods will only be exchanged or refunded if they are returned in a reasonable condition. The customer is responsible for the costs of returning the goods unless found to be faulty, proof of postage must be obtained by the customer (and in the case of faulty goods a receipt should be obtain in order to receive a refund of transit costs). All goods returned to LM Saddles must be insured to cover the full replacement value if lost or damaged in transit.
  • Unsoiled goods may be exchanged or refunded if returned at customer’s expense within 14 days of order with proof of purchase. If goods are returned in a soiled condition the customer may be charged a cleaning fee in order to restore the goods to a saleable condition. Items exchanged will incur Postage & Packaging charges. Please notify us of any goods damaged in transit from a Saddle Exchange within a reasonable amount of time or no exchange will be considered, under no circumstances should items be used when damaged, as you will be deemed to have accepted the goods in their damaged condition. Please note that damaged goods are subject to inspection before a refund will be authorised.

4.    Pricing

  • All products are priced in pounds sterling by LM Saddle Ltd and you will always be advised of the cost before you purchase or are expected to place an order. Delivery is usually by hand in the case of fitted products but if delivery is not by hand, then you will be advised of the delivery cost and expected timescale.  We cannot be held responsible for any courier delays.

5.    Payment

  • We accept most credit cards, cash, sterling cheques and bank transfer. This is to be discussed with your consultant as head office does not deal with the client’s payments directly as you are buying the product from the consultant.

6.    Repairs

  • We will always supply a quotation for any adjustment of sizing and repair but expect goods requiring theses services to be sent to us CLEAN and free from horsehair and grease.  If items are returned for repair in a dirty state you will be charged a cleaning fee of £30 including VAT.  We will not repair items that are sent to us covered with mould due to the potential of cross contamination.

Cancellation Policy

Standard Saddles

From your order date you have a 14-day cooling off period to cancel your order. Once you have taken delivery of your saddle you have 14 days to return the saddle in new, un-used condition for a full refund. It will be your responsibility to pay for any postal or delivery charges.

We keep a visual library of each saddle and any marks however small will be logged in the file. Should the saddle be returned damaged or marked this will reflect in the refund cost as we can not sell a saddle as new if it is marked. We will agree a resale price, and this will be refunded to you.

Your right to cancel a bespoke design.

You have the right to cancel a bespoke purchase up to 14 days after your order date in accordance with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. After that you will be liable to pay the full agreed purchase price.

The term ‘bespoke design’ refers to any Saddle that is not our standard basic design in Black or Brown leather.

A wither template will be taken on the day of order to confirm the best wither width. Under our terms of sale you will still be liable for the purchase of the saddle should your horse dramatically change shape in the time that you are waiting for your saddle to arrive. We will do our utmost to support you through this process.


LM Saddles Ltd guarantees materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, under normal conditions of use.

The warranty does not cover parts subject to wear and tear or problems deriving from accidents, improper use , horse or rider ailments and/or where any maintenance products unsuited to the saddles has been used.

The warranty is automatically null and void where tampering has occurred or where work has been carried out by unauthorised saddlers or personnel.