Why trust us

Why trust us...

"Jemma is honestly the most caring and compassionate saddler I’ve ever come across her way with not only the horses but the owners in showing them how you can help and improve your horse is exactly what the horse world needs. Jemma has such a good eye for balance not only when fitting but when your riding too and the small tweaks are the things that make the difference.

She actually listens to what the rider/owner is saying and also most importantly what the horse is saying. I feel really lucky that me and my horse are part of the LM family."

Thank you from Louise and Boo

"This first picture is what I thought the end result of owning a horse was. I love my horse dearly but I’m ashamed to say that in this picture, I won an ex racehorse class, with an ill fitting saddle, a horse with tight shoulders, tension in his head and quarters and although ‘tucked his head in’ wasn’t moving freely and harmoniously, when I first got jemma to look at my horse and saddle, she altered my saddle, a lot, and also gave me a few minutes lesson inthe newly fitted saddle. In a few moments riding and explaining her ways and motives I was completely in awe of her and of all the knowledge she had! This woman would be able to sort my horse in a heartbeat by just being her clever, special, gifted self! I wanted to live in her brain and learn and think the way she does! I have no doubt that she is a saviour to every horse she comes across!

Especially mine. My end result is now having a happy, harmonious horse who is truly my best friend and thanks to jemma, I can listen to and hear him. I know il never stop learning from jemma and an honestly say that I have been in the racing industry for many years and have never truly looked at a horse the way Jemma has taught me! Fitting my saddle was only the tip of the ice berg and I will be forever grateful from me and on behalf of my soul mate Mouse.

Jemma & Mouse 

"Jemma takes the time you need.

"Really pleased with my new LM dressage saddle. Jemma took the time to fit the saddle properly to my young horse. As shims were used the saddle fits perfectly now and can be changed as my horse develops.

Much more cost and time effective than than having to buy a new saddle each time your horse changes shape.

The saddle is very comfortable, very good quality, especially for the relatively reasonable price, and our instructor says it’s transformed the way my horse moves.

Highly recommend and will be looking to purchase a GP in the future."

Jane Stevenson

Megan Powell

"My horses have been saddled by LM Saddles for the last 15 years. They give the horses room to move and grow as they develop with time.

They are super comfortable for both myself and the horses whether it's a days hunting, out on a ride, competing or training in the school.

My daughter's pony also has an LM Saddle to help keep her safe and balanced.

Jemma just needs to design a side saddle and the set will be complete."

"LM saddle system was the only saddle that would fit my horse!

I have been a customer of LM Saddles for at least 8 years and I love my VSD saddle.

Lady was a tricky horse to find a saddle to fit all those years ago, but the LM saddle system was the only saddle I felt fitted both horse and rider! That saddle has now gone to to my new horse and I won't hesitate to buy another LM saddle when the time comes! Jemma is interested in the whole of the horse and her saddle fitting skills are impeccable! I won't go anywhere else for my saddle!"

Emma Malone

"Listening to your horse is key and Jemma does just that.

"I’ve had my riding horse Star since he was 2 years old. As a 4 year old he was accepting the saddle and the day I thought he might be ready to ride he had a complete meltdown.

He’d been tolerating not accepting the saddle. With professional help from Jamie Evan’s Star became more accepting of saddles but still had an opinion about them-he just communicated it sooner, so I could adjust things. 3 saddles in I thought we had a good match but I wasn’t convinced it was the best option.

Jemma came to check my saddle one day and asked me to test her latest design. To my amazement Star gave no negative feedback at all, in fact he looked very comfortable in his ground work.

Once in the saddle I was also amazed, it made me sit correctly and then Star gave a power trot and then rocking horse canter like I’ve never had before! 6 months in and Star has not bucked, worried or asked for adjustment once. I can’t wait to get going properly this season and see what amazing things are possible now we finally have the perfect saddle for both of us!"

Sandra Hall