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Consultation Information and Booking Form

The consultation procedure has been designed to enable you to gather information and learn more about saddle design and fitting. Our aim is to help you and your horse by sharing the information and experience that has been gained over the years.


We believe that the relationship between Owner and Saddle Consultant is equally as important to that which you have with your other equestrian professionals i.e. Farrier / Hoof Care Specialist, Trainer, Vet, Dentist, and other Health Care Practitioners. 


Because of this we offer a full follow up service including remedial saddling help, regular saddle checks, flocking alterations, and as much help and assistance as you might need in order to achieve and maintain the best results for you and your horse.


Whilst it should be emphasised that a saddle alone cannot be expected to solve all equine and rider problems, many owners report that horses that have suffered from unsoundness, poor performance, behavioural and emotional problems and general ill health have shown excellent results.


The combination of the saddle design and the system of fitting that we use is designed to minimise the negative impact that saddles often have on the horses bio-mechanical “correctness”, efficiency and comfort. This creates the potential for better performance with less physical stress on the limbs, joints and feet

Topics covered during the consultation:


  • The anatomy and bio-mechanics of the horse.
  • Observing your horse’s current posture and muscle development.
  • Discussing the way that specific saddle design features can help or hinder your horse.
  • Discussing the way that specific saddle design features can help or hinder your Riding too
  • Assessing your current saddles design and fit
  • A comparison of your horse’s movement in its own saddle, and then in a selection of other saddles.
  • Using feedback provided by the “feel” of your horse when ridden, any changes in behaviour and reactions, plus observations of your horse’s movement from the ground. You will find that we will be able to assess which saddle would be the most appropriate choice for you and your horse.


The Holistic Approach:


For some horses, unnatural patterns of movement, poor muscle development and posture have been created by past discomfort and restriction from saddles, from injury or from illness.


Sometimes the horse is capable of sorting the problems out as soon as he no longer has to wear the “old” saddle.  However, some need the additional support of a Vet, Chiropractor, Osteopath or other therapist. If appropriate, we will discuss this with you during the Consultation.


Because of the influence that we as riders have upon our horses, it is also important to take the rider(s) into account, so it may be helpful also to discuss any rider issues that may arise. Remember the saddle also has to be correct and comfortable for you too.



 Please remember that, in the UK, you are currently required to obtain Veterinary permission to have most “therapists” work with your horse.

Consultation fees:


  • Consulation fee:  £85.00 per horse or pony


  • Day Clinic £350.00 maximum 5 owners (venue provided by organizer)*


  • Travel Expenses: 45 pence per mile 

Please ask for an estimate on travel expenses as they are shared whenever possible.


*Please note that in order to qualify for a group or clinic rate, the following conditions apply:


  1. All horses must be at the same location
  2. The owners/riders are present for the first hour of the shared consultation
  3. Riders/owners should then allow at least 1 hour for their personal consultation time



If a new saddle is purchased, as a result of the consultation, your Consultant will discuss any follow up fees for future visits. There may be the option of your first follow-up visit and flocking adjustment being free of charge (excluding travel expenses)



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Booking Consultation Terms and Conditions

I have read the accompanying information sheet regarding the consultation.   I agree to pay the consultation fee and travel expenses at the conclusion of the consultation.  I also agree to pay the full consultation fee if I cancel the appointment with less than 48hrs notice.  (Where the appointment is simply delayed due to injury of the horse or rider, the late cancellation fee can be set against a future appointment.)

I accept that I must take full responsibility for my own safety and that of my horse during the consultation.

I agree that the information on this form may be held for use in connection with providing a saddle and any follow-up service. (These details will not be passed on to any other company.)

I agree to the full T&Cs (below) of any sales of items made during a consultation. Upon any items sold, I have agreed to the full T&Cs